Emotional Stability of Kindergarten Learners of Plainview Elementary School

in Learning Basic Math Skills

Submitted by Ms. Florita Dava

March 2019

The respondents of the study will be 38 Kindergarten Learners of Plainview Elementary School. They will be chosen based on the results of their first administration of ECCD Checklist. The results will be compared to the third ECCD assessment. The analysis of the data will be the basis of the emotional stability of the kindergarten learners. This will help the kindergarten teachers to improve the used of strategies and enhance motivations for the future learners. The research will further assess the capabilities of the learners in preparation for the grade 1.

Enhancing Word Recognition and Reading Comprehension of Non- Readers through Small Group Remedial Reading Instruction Using the Teach to Read, Read to Learn Continuous Improvement Reading Program

Submitted by Ma. Theresa C. Ramos

March 2019

This study used an experiment research design that investigated the effectiveness of small group remedial instruction using the Teach to Read,Read to Learn Continuous Improvement Reading Program to the word recognition and reading comprehension ability of thirty-five Grade Three non-readers of Plainview Elementary School during the school year 2017- 2018. To gather data, the researchers used the Philippine Informal Reading Inventory (oral Reading) materials and teacher made assessments.